Setup Jetson TK1

About Jetson K1
  Jetson TK1 is NVIDIA's embedded Linux development platform featuring a Tegra K1 SOC (CPU+GPU+ISP in a single chip).

Flashing Jetson TK1 with the latest OS(Linux For Tegra) images

Step1 : Download Jetson TK1 Development Pack (JetPack TK1) from the bellow link:

Step2 : Execute and install JetPack on your PC that is running Linux. It will try to flash image and install some components.
$ chmod +x JetPackTK1-1.2-cuda6.5-linux-x64.run
$ ./JetPackTK1-1.2-cuda6.5-linux-x64.run

Step 3 : When flashing the device, need to let Jetson to enter to recover mode. How to enter Recover mode:

(1) Turn off Jetson TK1 and connect the Micro-USB plug on the USB cable.

(2) Press "Force Recovery" Button, press "POWER" Button, release POWER Button and release Force Recovery button.

(3) In recovery mode, you cannot login to Jetson TK1. If Jetson TK1 in recovery Mode and it is connected to host PC, "lsusb" command lists it with ID 0955:7140 in host PC.
Bus 003 Device 006: ID 0955:7140 NVidia Corp

Step4 : After flashing device successfully, enter IP of Jetson, username, and password.

IP Address : Get the IP from Jetson board via $ifconfig
username: ubuntu
password: ubuntu

Run CUDA samples installed from Jetpack on Jetson

 After installing successfully, reboot Jetson. If you know the IP of Jetson board, you could also connect it via remote access.
$ /home/ubuntu/GameWorksOpencGLSamples/samples/bin/linux-arm32