Run OpenGrok using docker

  Thanks to Docker. It makes us to use a lot of web service easier.  In the past, we would like to install OpenGrok, we have to install java, tomcat, etc..
  Now, it is easy to run OpenGrok if you know Docker. The steps are quietly simple, please checkout the below steps:

Step1 : Install Docker
$ apt-get update -qq
$ apt-get install -qqy \
  apt-transport-https \
  ca-certificates \
  curl \
  lxc \

$ curl -sSL https://get.docker.com/ | sh
$ usermod -a -G docker  $USER

Step2: Pull the image from my Dockerhub .
$  docker pull tzutalin/opengrok
Alternatively, you can check out my Dockerfile on Github, and build the image from scratch.

Step3: Run the OpenGrok using the below commands. Rember to replace <XXXX> with your source directory.

$ docker run -t -d --name=opengrok -v [Absolute path]:/src -p 8080:8080 tzutalin/opengrok
tzutalin/opengrok container will periodically update the index. So you didn't need to update index by yourself.

Open your browser The result looks like :

Reference: https://github.com/tzutalin/docker/tree/master/OpenGrok

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